The broad focus of the Timor-Leste Research Program has been on the process of nation-formation, particularly on the period since 1999. While we maintain an interest in Portuguese colonialism and in the Indonesian occupation, this is only to the extent that they help us understand the contemporary character of Timor-Leste. While concentrating on the post-colonial period, our research moves across the disciplines of political science, sociology, and anthropology, as we research social change and different patterns of social integration. As such our work has tended to move through themes where change has been felt acutely such as culture, community and polity, and across the domains of security, development, gender, justice and governance. 

Our research activities are diverse, from research projects and different forms of publication, through to holding large scale events, research training, as well as engagement with, individuals, communities and organisations in an effort to build longer-term reciprocal relations that are concentrated around research related interests.