Select Resources on Timor-Leste

The following is a very brief list of maps, websites and books that provide good introductions to different aspects of Timor-Leste's geography, history and contemporary society. There is an enormous variety of material available on Timor-Leste, so these resources provide possible starting points. 


  • Cristalis, Irena, Bitter Dawn: East Timor, A People's Story, Zed Books, London, New York, 2002.
  • Dunn, James, East Timor: A Rough Passage to Independence, Longueville Books, Sydney, 2003.
  • Greenless, Don and Robert Garran, Deliverance: The Inside Story of East Timor's Fight for Freedom, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, 2002.
  • Gunn, Geoffrey, Timor Loro Sae: 500 Years, Livros do Oriente, Hong Kong, 1999.
  • Joliffe, Jill, East Timor: Nationalism and colonialism, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane, 1978.
  • McDonald, Hamish (et al), Masters of Terror: Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor in 1999, Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. 145, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, 2002.
  • Nicol, Bill, Timor: A nation reborn, Equinox Publishing, Jakarta, 2002.
  • Smythe, Patrick A., The Heaviest Blow-The Catholic Church and the East Timor Issue, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, 2004.
  • Tanter, Richard, Mark Selden and Stephen Shalom (eds), Bitter Flowers, Sweet Flowers, Pluto Press, Sydney, 2001.
  • Taylor, John G., Indonesia's Forgotten War: The hidden history of East Timor, Zed, London, 1991.


Maps of Timor-Leste

  • Regions of Timor-LesteDepartment of Public Information, Cartographic Section, Map No. 4117 Rev. 4, United Nations, Dili, 2002.
  • East TimorDepartment of Public Information, Geographic Section,  Map. No. 4111, United Nations, Dili, 1999.
  • Timor-Leste Atlas MapField Information and Coordination Support Section, Division of Operational Services,  UNHCR, Dili, 2006.
  • Districts of Timor-Leste, MTRC Information Centre,  RDTL, Dili, 2006.
  • Maps of Timor-Leste, Seeds of Life, Dili.