Friction and Translation: The Impact of Global Discourses of Violence in Socially and Politically Diverse Contexts

Stefani Vasil, PhD candidate.

Year commenced: 2017
Anticipated completion: 2020.
Supervisory Team: Dr Damian Grenfell (primary), 

The primary question that this thesis will ask is what are the consequences of global discourses regarding violence against women in ‘socially and politically diverse contexts’? As important as ‘Ending Violence Against Women’ (EVAW) programs have become in domestic Australian and international development contexts, key questions remain unanswered or driven to a significant extent by assumptions.While international feminist critiques have managed to identify points of tension between global norms and local culture, my thesis my thesis aims to extend this work and take it in new directions. The approach will draw together the sociology of violence with the politics of power, examining power relations both within and between global and local discourses and norm formation in a way that gives a greater account of the role of local practices than has thus far been possible. As such, the PhD will make an important contribution to understanding and help to facilitate the ways and means by which policy and practice lead to impact by drawing on Timor-Leste as a principal case study. 


What I'm reading at the moment:

  • Kent, Lia. “Narratives of Suffering and Endurance: Coercive Sexual Relationships, Truth Commissions and Possibilities for Gender Justice in Timor-Leste.” The International Journal of Transitional Justice 8, (2014): 289–313. 
  • Merry, Sally E. Human Rights & Gender Violence: Translating International Law into Local Justice. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2006.
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  • The Equality Institute. Understanding Violence against Women and Children in Timor-Leste: Findings from the Nabilan Baseline Study, Nabilan. Dili: The Asia Foundation.